Your Life Your Way Masterclass Workshop

This FREE Masterclass Workshop helps you understand why it is time to really up level your self awareness so you can create the life you truly desire.  Without "working on yourself"... or making this hard, you massively increase your happiness!

  • The #1 Reason You can't Grow with "Self Help"
  • How 3 Simple Phases Increase your Vitality
  • Why Your Health depends on Living Your Way!

In this 21st Century Training, you learn...
  • How to understand when you are "off your path" 
  • What to do to get back on "track" with your life
  • Why you will continue a "trial & error" life destined for regrets
  • When to get really real with yourself before it's too late
  • The only thing to do right now for your health & happiness
Diana Dentinger, USA born, in Europe since 1984

Diana Dentinger is an Innovative Change Maker and Influential Thought Leader whoinspires you to Play All Out in Life. In her Number One Self Help Transformation book “Modus Vivendi - Your Life Your Way” she takes you on a journey to discover your core personality, purpose and unexplored potential. Watch the moving message in her book’s trailer video here:

Diana has been an Entrepreneur, Corporate Team Building Specialist and Executive Coach for over 25 years, certified in and using the main stream behavior assessments up until the year 2000. Finding them incomplete and outdated she created a 21st Century Performance Profile shortly after. The Personality & Needs Profile™ and Your Life Your Way™ Coaching skyrockets your self awareness and catalyzes long lasting change for profound personal happiness, better health and greater success.

Diana grew up on an enormous family of over 250 relatives in the midwest of America. Her curiosity about human behavior started as a child noticing among cousins the difference between siblings. Diana even observed her tens of aunts and uncles in their differing parenting styles using some as role models for her own family. She knew in her heart that there must be a way to describe the diversity of interests, talents and values that each one excelled. That way there could be even more support and understanding in families and in the work place.

To create the Personality & Needs Profile™ and Your Life Your Way™ Coaching, Diana spent years in rigorous, scientific brain research, studying with top European Sociologists, Anthropologists and Psychologists to become a neurobiology therapist unblocking the causes of psychosomatic illnesses. She is also specialized in Etymology, the mind’s Key Word Coding and ancient Symbology.

Applying the biological principles of the brain and advanced research about human programming, Diana found the key to unlock the potential in your DNA. The Profile and related Coaching Programs give you instant confidence, connectedness and courage to live your life’s work, while maintaining balance. Plus you have the tools to finally strategize your unique way to achieve success without the risk of losing yourself along the way.

Diana’s Keynote Speeches focus on the importance of being who you really are. She says: “No one could teach you how to be you... until now”. She feels she is that teacher. “Most people settle for less, not because their dream is too big or they don’t have the resources, but because they don’t know how to access what is already inside of them.”

Diana elaborated both the leading edge Personality & Needs Profile™ as well as her proprietary Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Programs to meet the needs of both the left and the right brainers. She combines the necessary, logical explanations together with creative drawing and game playing. Her clients love the freshness of her approach.

You can get your Personality & Needs Profile™ or join a Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Program as One on One Intensives, Group On Line Workshops or just the Profile in a DIY webinar series.

American born in Chicago, Illinois, Diana has lived over 30 years in Europe raising her 4 children in northern Italy. In her free time she loves to travel, dance, study and have fun!

Get ready to achieve more in your life, relationships and work simply by being yourself.

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